Fulfilled Cataract Projects
  • Pakistan – Islamabad

    In Pakistan, hundreds of people go blind every day due to being unable to treat their cataract illness. This is because most eye care services are only available in Pakistan’s central cities. Around two thirds of the country’s population, and most people who are affected, live in remote areas without access to health services or due to travel, simply because of being unable to afford the expense.

  • Nigeria – Abuja

    Statistics from the Nigerian National Blindness and Visual Impairment Survey showed that 42 out of every 1,000 adults aged 40 and above are blind and overall, two out of every three Nigerians are blinded by avoidable causes like cataracts. Specifically, currently 750,000 Nigerians are already blinded by cataract and an additional 200,000 become blind each year.


  • Sudan – Kassala

    Eye problems caused by cataracts and other ailments are extremely common in Sudan as a result of factors such as exceedingly bright sunlight, malnutrition and extreme poverty. Sudan also being the neighbour with desert fields make the people more vulnerable due to it being contaminated with illnesses.

  • Nepal – Kathmandu

    Each year, an estimated 60,000 Nepalese lose sight to cataracts. Presently, there is a backlog of 200,000 people who are blind from cataracts and need surgery. The cataract operations in Nepal were all successfully finished but unfortunately more people needed the operation. For this reason, we are going to work harder to treat more patients next time.