Clean Water

Help us end the crises of suffering and the endless loss of lives because of unsafe water...

The African land experiences serious drought and poverty problems yet 30 to 60 metres beneath the soil, there are rich water sources waiting to be used. However, the people of Africa lack the technical and financial means to make use of their vast ground water storage. Every day many people lose their lives due to illnesses contracted from unsafe drinking water, with the majority of the losses being children under the age of five.

The minimum daily amount of water required to take care of basic food and hygiene needs is 20 litres per person. Most people in Africa are not able to find this and more than half of those who do have access to that much water still obtain it from lakes, rivers and muddy water puddles.

Ending extreme poverty and building a more prosperous world for the poorest people cannot be done without safe water. We at Time to Help UK believe that access to clean water is the right of every human being and so, we have started building water wells across Africa.

It costs £3,000 to build a well which can provide hundreds of people with the chance to survive and have a better life. This cost may be too much for one person alone but if shared between groups of people it can be affordable. The construction of our wells are completed within a targeted maximum of 3 months.

The steps of building a water well:

• Local authorities in African countries turn to our local charity partners with their request for water wells who inform Time to Help UK of their needs.
• Incoming donations for the project are accepted from sponsors in the UK,
Sponsors who wish to have a water well built in their name can choose the country where the well is to be made.
• Our local partner hires local contractors who complete the work.
• Sponsors are given detailed information on the drilled well including photos and a video recording. An Information Form, Well Plaque and a Certificate of Thanks are also posted to the sponsor.
• The sponsor can request to receive information about their completed water well at any time and, when appropriate, can also visit the well, along with family members or friends.

Fulfilled Clean Water Projects
  • Chad-N`djamena

    As a landlocked country that experiences recurrent drought. Approximately 44 percent of the population in Chad lacks access to potable water.
    To increase access to clean water in Chad, the project has constructed 8 wells. Built in mostly high population density areas, the wells now benefit a lot of people throughout the targeted regions like Kairo, Foulgo, Delekena, Dinguessou, Maini, Migule and Diguel .


  • Kenya – Mombasa

    Kenya is a water-scarce country. Growing population and climate change are contributing to worsening conditions. Measured in cubic meters per person per year, it’s projected to have less than a quarter of the water its people need by 2025. So we’re working with our partners on the ground to protect sources and build wells, giving people life-saving access to clean water. To overcome this issue, the project has constructed 4 water wells in regions of Mombasa like Bamburi and Kambi Kikuyu.