Emergency Fund for Grenfell Tower Fire

We’re raised money to help the families of Grenfell Tower, West London who have been devastated by a fire which has destroyed their homes and taken loved ones.

As a result of a “truly shocking” fire that started 12.54am at Grenfell Tower in the Latimer Road area, London on 14th June, 2017, is said to have engulfed the entire block. At least six people have died and more than 50 are being treated in hospital after the fire. The Metropolitan police said the expected number of fatalities to rise further.

Residents could be seen waving and screaming from their windows. There were unconfirmed reports from a number of witnesses who spoke of seeing residents jump from their homes as they were engulfed by flames.

This campaign page is for the victims and the effected. We aim to give financially support for the victims to cover essential needs such as homes and possessions that they have now lost due to the fire incident. We will keep you updated on this page, with further plans regarding how the donations will be distributed.

Moreover, we would like to state that the funds were donated to The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, a local independent charity based in North Kensington based on the advice of the local counselors. The K&C Foundation have been at the front-line of the event since the first day of the incident and raised £5.75 million.

The K&C Foundation already started to provide £1.6 million for ‘Fresh Start’ grants of £10,000 for each household from Grenfell Tower and we hope our donation will contribute to the positive impact.


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