Homeless breakfast

Homeless Breakfast

In most cases homelessness is not a chosen state but a harsh reality for many people in the UK. Anyone can become homeless at any time. Children and pregnant women are not exceptions.

Being homeless is a vulnerable state because without an address people are not able to make use of the healthcare and benefit system, or even to get a job. This leaves them without an income and a chance to buy food and rent a home. Survival becomes priority.

The average age of death of a homeless person is 47 years old for men and 43 for women, compared to 77 for the general population. This is due to the dangers of sleeping rough since these people are more likely to be subject to violence from others, and many suffer from mental health issues as a result of loneliness and physical suffering leading to drug and alcohol abuse which account for just over a third of all deaths of the homeless.

According to the latest figures 1 the number of the homeless and rough sleepers (sleeping in the open air on the streets) is rising at an alarming level. Their number doubled in the last 5 years. 2 There is a particularly large number of rough sleepers in London.

We at Time to Help UK are dedicated to relieve the suffering of their fellow humans. Our volunteers organize non-perishable food and second hand clothing collections regularly, and distribute these donations locally to the local homeless, and people living in destitution.

We at Time to Help UK believe that we can achieve more by working together with others so our organization cooperates with other local charities to be able to reach out to more people who need our help. When we found out that there is no available soup kitchen/free meal option for the homeless on Mondays in our local Enfield area, we started our Homeless Breakfast Project.

We offer a free breakfast for the homeless from 10am to noon every Monday at 337 Fore Street, N9 0NU. This breakfast is not only a free meal for the homeless but also a chance to socialize. During the breakfast we give information on other available local support, e.g. shelters and free meals.

Although a free meal may go a long way to reduce hunger and loneliness for the homeless, we at Time to Help UK realise that they need regular support to achieve a lasting solution for their situation. Our goal is to give a chance to our guests to make a permanent change in their lives, and remove them from the harmful effects of living on the street.

Therefore we aim to expand our Homeless Breakfast Project by bringing in consultants who can give the right type of mental support to our guests, and offer advice on how and who to ask for help. Our long-term aim is to set up IT and other learning courses for the homeless to improve their chances to get a job, and thus end their homelessness.

Currently our Homeless Breakfast Project relies entirely on donations, and we need more sponsors to make an even bigger difference. We kindly ask you to sponsor us by clicking on the link below. Every small donation will go towards helping those who have nowhere to go home tonight!