Ramadan Appeal

Ramadan Appeal

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from dawn to sunset.

Usually, in the days of Ramadan, homes are filled with the sense of unity and crowned with enthusiasm. However, many houses in other countries meet Ramadan in acrid circumstances. Some nests therefore have no joy for Iftar and no happiness in orphanages for Eid due to the lack of food.

Our Association respect religious beliefs and believe no one should be restricted from their religious doings. Therefore, we started setting up a collaboration of distribution techniques like Iftar tents, hot dinners and food packages to benefit the needy all throughout the Ramadan month to break their fast in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Turkey. Cloth donations are also given to children for joy in Eid as well.

Our association is calling you to share the joy of decorating their tables into great feasts. Give an ear to this project and donate for a warm meal to those who fast long hours. Remember, a parcel of food for a family in Ramadan is enough to keep a smile on their face the entire Ramadan month.
Our Ramadan appeal is:
Food Package £25 (approximately 16-22 kg)
Food Package for Turkey family £100, ( this donation will be given as cash to the needy people)
Iftar Tent £500 (100-300 people)
Family Iftar £10 ( 4-6 people)
Eid Present £30,
Fitra£10 (per person)
Fidyah£10 (daily)
Sadaqah and Zakat are used for food packages, iftar meals, clothes and eid presents.


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