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Building a better, more prosperous and peaceful world! Our work areas are poverty and disaster relief. From this, we aim to help people fight poverty, serve the elimination of social injustice, war, persecution and support people who cannot meet their basic needs.

Time To Help UK was founded by British volunteers inspired by the teachings of Muslim scholar and peace advocate Fethullah Gulen. Despite this, it is not a religious or ethnic organisation. For the wrapping of a better world, we act in goodness by ignoring the statuses of the needy like age, nationality and religion.

Our HistoryTime To Help UK is a registered charity (No. 1160467), established in London in 2013, working nationally as well as internationally. We have completed major projects successfully in the UK and different countries.

Since its establishment, Time to Help UK has endeavoured to stand by the needy, or anyone affected by a disaster, trying every time to extend a helping hand towards them.All our projects are completed with the inclusion of volunteers taking part during the process of any charity completion- be it travelling to opening water wells together or a welcoming office based in London to plan work together.We invite our volunteers not just to donate but consolidate too! Some of the major achievements we completed in London are raising £29,436p for Grenfell Tower fire victims and serving hot breakfast every Monday for Homeless people. Our most long-lasting project was our Animal and Water project completed in Ethiopia, where we opened two water wells in two drought areas, and distributed 100 live sheep to families to overcome a long-lasting income for the families, and the refurbishments of Mama Fauzia orphanage in Kenya together with our volunteers. Our involvement with many other projects includes orphan care, food packages, cataract operations, cloth donations and projects with the local community. Our current most leading projects is teaching ESOL to those who seek refuge in the UK.

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Our Main Appeals

Orphan Care

While the most fundamental right of a child is to be cared for, many of the 153 million orphans around the world live in appaling conditions.

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We open our doors every Monday to serve a hot breakfast to the needy people. We are determined to continue this project as long as we have all the recources.

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Refugee Help

Without skills in English to interact outside the home, migrants and refugees struggle to integrate, can feel socially isolated and will find it incredibly hard to find employment.

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We at Time to Help UK belive that access to clean water is the rifgt of every human being and so, we have started building water wells across Africa


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