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What is Career School?


Career School is a project has launched in partnership with Time to Help UK and Axis Tuition Centre as a career support program for refugees, asylum seekers and disadvantaged migrant learners. Career School offers a solution to improve their abilities and broaden their horizons to help them find employment opportunities commensurate with their skills. We aim to provide a long-term view to disadvantaged people to identify what is required for their journey towards entry into the world of work, mould their learning pathway and provide the necessary training for their careers.


We provide GCSE level English and maths training, occupational equivalency exam training (such as OET, SQE exams), one-to-one mentoring, additional group supports and many more services as part of the Career School programme.


Due to multiple disadvantages such as being new in the country, having a language barrier and experiencing economic inactivity, disadvantaged migrant learners, refugees and asylum seekers have low aspirations, low self-confidence, and self-esteem thus are at risk of being unemployed for a long time. We aspire to inspire aspiration in underprivileged people, provide practical support, advice, tips and skills. We aim to ensure that migrant people receive the proper support to remove the barriers preventing them from fully participating in society.

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About Us

Time to Help UK

 Time To Help UK is a registered charity (No. 1160467), established in London in 2013, working nationally as well as internationally. Time to Help UK has completed major projects successfully in the UK and different countries.  Since its establishment, Time to Help UK has endeavoured to stand by the needy, or anyone affected by a disaster, trying every time to extend a helping hand towards them. All projects are completed with the inclusion of volunteers taking part during the process of any charity completion- be it travelling to opening water wells together or a welcoming office based in London to plan work together. Their involvement with many other projects include orphan care, food packages, cloth donations and projects with the local community. Their current most leading projects is teaching ESOL to those who seek refuge in the UK.

Axis Tuition Centre

Founded in 1994, the Axis Educational Trust is a registered charity aiming to provide high quality and low-cost education to primary and secondary school pupils in the UK via the Tuition Centres. Across all educational programmes, from Key Stage One all the way up to GCSE level, their focus is on literacy and numeracy, the bedrock subjects in every learner’s education. Axis Tuition Centre also supports institutions and organisations working with adults by providing GCSE level training and occupational trainings to adults from BAME backgrounds, asylum seekers and refuges.


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ully participating in society.

Sarah Summers – Tutor, Axis Tuition Centre


Martin Challis – Tutor, Axis Tuition Centre


Caterina Incisa - Tutor, Axis Tuition Centre


Previous Projects

Career School

The first-ever Career School programme has had its first graduates in May 2021! In partnership with Time to Help UK and Axis Tuition Centre had a 15 weeklong Career School programme tailored for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK from education, law, and medicine fields. The programme was funded by Power to Change – COVID-19 Community Led Organisations Recovery Scheme.

The programme had 31 individuals with a degree in the education field who could not perform their profession in the UK due to language barrier, lack of support & career development information and missing GCSE exam equivalency. Career School provided English language support and GCSE level education to those who wanted to pursue and continue their profession in the UK as teachers and educators.


The Career School programme also provided Occupational English Test (OET) training for eight medical doctors. OET allows these individuals to get the equivalency and be able to perform their professions.


Lastly, the Career School programme had six refugees/asylum seekers from the fields of law who were pursuing to practice their occupation in the UK and needed Solicitor Qualifying Exam (SQE) training. These individuals were supported in their career planning journey and provided with the necessary SQE training.


Overall, all the programme participants were assigned to a mentor who had gone through the same processes as them and had shared experiences with them to relate, integrate and engage more. Career School programme staff organised four virtual group meetings to evaluate the training and give professional advice and support. In addition to English language and occupational training, the Career School programme covered various topics, such as safeguarding for professionals, technology integration, workplace etiquette, civic engagement and many more.


After the first graduates of our programme and the warm feedback we received, we are looking forward to continuing and developing the Career School programme.



ESOL Classes for Refugees


Time to Help UK has organised virtual ESOL school for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Time to Help UK believes immigrants’ contributions to and integration into the U.K. society underlie the nation’s progress to date and its ability to thrive in the future. This project was funded by the National Emergencies Trust 



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