Egg Poultry Project in Africa

Why is chicken important in Africa?


Chickens can be a life-changing addition to a family in rural Africa where people live on $2 a day.
Chickens can provide low-income families with nutritious eggs, and meat. Along with meat, eggs contain the highest biological value of protein. It can help to tackle malnutrition and famine in rural Africa.

Families can also sell the surplus in the market to gain additional income for themselves. Raising chicken is easy and cost-effective. It doesn’t require much investment, but the profit is significantly essential. They can find their food in the wild, and their droppings can even enrich the soil.

They empower women. Because chickens are small, and typically stay close to home, many cultures regard them as a woman’s animal, if compared to larger livestock, like goats or cows. Women who sell chickens are likely to reinvest the profits for their families.

Your donation of £3.50 will buy a month-old chick for an African woman and create a life-changing experience for the recipient and her family.

We will provide chickens vaccinated for the known diseases, as well as training, water cans and feeders. Our trained professionals will visit them regularly to ensure the best outcome. It is an excellent investment; with your £70 donation, we can provide 20 chickens for a family that desperately needs them.
With just a £70 donation, a family can earn £50 per month. Donate now and change lives!


The Egg Poultry Project Includes

  • 1. Month-old 20 chicks, with the necessary vaccinations

  • 2. Month supply of chicken feed

  • 3. A Water container

  • 4. A Bait container

  • 5. 3 periodic visitations for training

* Sustainable project

* Women's empowerment

*Contribution to the family economy

*Easy work

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(Including, with the necessary vaccinations, a 2-month supply of chicken feed, a water container, a bait container, 3 periodic visitations for training.

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How is your donation spent on Egg Poultry / Chicken Project?


97% of the donation amount will be sent to Africa within the scope of the project.

3% of your donation will be used to raise more funds for the project.



Why does the project targets women?

Despite all the disadvantages of geography, men can find work more easily than women. This project aims to support women and make them easier to contribute to the family economy. Strengthening the economy will improve the quality of life of family members and provide a direct positive contribution to health and education.

Why is chick preferred?

Within the scope of the project, 20 chicks aged 1 month will be given. They will become 15 hens and 5 roosters as they grow. When the chicks are still young, they will be vaccinated to protect them from possible epidemics and diseases.


In addition, the development of chicks is quick and easy. They can easily find nutrients in nature. To ensure their safety, very low-budget coops can be made from a wire and fence that do not take up much space.

How does the project contribute to the family economy?

Chicks that are given when 1-month-old will begin to give eggs at the fifth month. A hen can give an average of 15 eggs per month. 15 hens can produce 225 eggs per month and 2700 eggs per year. It would bring benefits of providing a healthier diet and increase family income. Eggs are a nutritious food source with a high nutritional value. Its consumption is important for health, especially among children. In addition, local bazaars are very favourable for the egg trade to make a profit from them.



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