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This Ramadan

Every year, Muslims wait for Ramadan with excitement. All over the world, Muslims will fast from dawn to dusk in their devotion to Allah Almighty, remembering those who have no food to put on their table. While many people will have an abundant supply of food and water to break their fast, many families will struggle to have anything to eat come fast breaking time. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be more challenging for the destitute to find their basic needs.

Since its establishment, Time to Help has always been providing aid in many parts of the world without discriminating on the basis of language, religion or race. Each year, your generous donations make it possible for us to help thousands of people who wait for us desperately.

Let’s make these possible again this year. Let’s give hope to a homeless person in the streets of London, a refugee family in Greece, or an orphan struggling in the African steppe.

Do not just donate this Ramadan, but also be the hope of the needy and the destitute.

Donate Now

Yemen Food Parcel


Yemeni people need your help, with £47 we can provide bags of flour, sugar, rice and cooking oil for the destitute. Don't forget Yemen.

Africa Food Parcel


We are providing food parcels to impoverished people in sub-Saharan Africa. Your £25 will be a beacon of hope for desperate souls.

Greece Refugee Food Parcel


Running from war, famine and political disorder. Thousands of people stranded in Greece and this Ramadan they need your help more than ever.

Images from Ramadan 2020


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