ESOL Classes for Refugees

The United Kingdom is a nation of immigrants that is both enriched and challenged by the diversity of people who call this country their home.

Immigrants’ contributions to and integration into the U.K. society underlie the nation’s progress to date and its ability to thrive in the future.

can provide English lesson

for one hour

can provide a food package

for a family

can provide necessary training

for a refugee to find a job

Lack of tailored English classes and job opportunities prevent people fleeing to the UK from integrating for many years, a new study shows, with your help we can break the barriers.

Online ESOL Classes

National Lottery Community Fund has recently granted Time to Help UK to start a virtual ESOL school for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. At Time to Help we believe education is the key solution for poverty. Therefore we have teamed up with education providers, and employers to help English Language Learners learn the skills and knowledge they need as workers, family and community members.

Life Skills

In addition to English Language acquisition, our professional development covers a range of topics, such as working with limited literacy learners, English for the workplace, civic engagement, technology integration, and ESOL student persistence.

Employability Course

At the moment we have enrolled more than 280 students and we have reached our capacity. We would like to expand our capacity if we can get more funding. You can donate to this appeal to help us reach our target.

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