Happiness increases as shared

We all want to be happy and we witness that sharing our happiness makes us even much happier. Usually, we share these joyful moments with our family members, relatives, close friends and our loved ones because what makes us happy makes them happy as well. Therefore, it has been said that happiness increases as shared.

How does it sound to make happy the orphans who have lost their parents, live away from a cosy home but in an orphanage, never have the chance to go out of their daily routines but face impossibilities and various life challenges? Would you like to light a ‘torch of happiness’ to share your happiness with the orphans who would need your support and love more than ever? Doesn’t it worth expanding our happiness to orphans, ill kids at hospitals and needy people by celebrating our special days such as welcoming newborns or anniversaries?


Light a Torch of Happiness


Uganda and Tanzania

You can make a special occasion even more meaningful and memorable for yourself, your family or friend. Even you can use your birthday to raise money for orphans by asking family and friends for giving away a small donation instead of buying you a present.

Make your day or gift last longer than ever and have a soulful impact on others’ lives. When you see the smiles you put on the orphans’ faces, you will be proud of the most remarkable day of your all life.


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On this year’s Christmas evening, some people cannot spend their night with their families in their warm houses not only because of the pandemic that is escalating once again but because of them being compelled to flee their countries. They are the asylum seekers and refugees who we usually see for a minute on the […]

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It seems incredible that it’s 2021  and there’s still 773 million people around the world who don’t have access to clean water — a basic human right that no one can live without. Four reasons why people don’t have access to clean water: 1.) Lack of infrastructure and poor management of services. Efforts have been […]

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Science clearly states that a human being can survive three weeks without food, but where water is concerned most people can’t go on 3-4 days without it! Dehydration sets in, and even if the person continues to breathe, they will go into shock and become vegetative. In other words, water is the primary necessity. Without […]

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FAQ (editlenmeli )


Why bikes?

Most Africans lack access to any form of transport and spend hours every day walking to collect clean water, firewood or to reach school or work. Not only does this take a toll on their health and time spent working, it often means children miss school altogether.

How a bike generates income?

A bicycle is an affordable and straightforward mode of transport, improving access to education, jobs, markets, and community activities. The bicycle can help the (farmer) families overcome the distance barrier and make it possible to transport more in less time. Bicycles are a valuable tool to increase a households’ disposable income since for instance more crops can be brought to the market, more markets can be visited (due to an expanded caption area). It saves time so more time for other income generating activities (income diversification) such as bicycle taxi, street vending, garbage collection, etc.

Can I donate my old bike to this project?

Africa is plagued by the combination of extremely poor quality bicycles and used Western bicycles that have been “donated” to Africa.  Neither of these bicycles are suitable for the roads and loads of rural Africa, and often, they are exclusively single-sized male frames (not at all acceptable for students, particularly girl students).   Importantly, used Western bikes are particularly problematic in the rural context as spare parts are non-existent and they are not built for the local road conditions, so even basic repairs are impossible and thus ensure their life span are short.


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